Security Offices are charged with maintaining a reasonably safe environment and conducting themselves in a reasonable manner when dealing with customers, patrons, guests, visitors, and the public. Undoubtedly, this is a very broad duty and it is often open to interpretation.  Most states generally accept that Security Officers are entitled to use a reasonable amount of force to maintain the peace in the areas in which they work.  Understanding the amount of force “necessary” is paramount in security work.

Two of the biggest wrongs involving a Security Officer is alleged assaults, or assualt and battery. In other words, using too much “Force” which exceeds a reasonable amount necessary to resolve the situation.

Lets give the HIP POCKET version on how to avoid both these situations.

Know the steps in the use of force continuum, know and understand your state laws, and get the training you need.

  1. Presence of the Security Officer
  2. Verbal Commands by the Security Officer
  3. Soft hands
  4. Mechanical Force (OC, Baton, Flashlight)
  5. Deadly Force